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Blending and PackingBusiness

Since starting to bottle and fill acetic acid in 1968, blending and packing became one of Azuma’s key strengths.
Over the years, we have added new equipment as our know-how in this field has grown.
We can meet the needs of our customers through our proven technologies ranging from mixing and adjusting of liquid and powder to bottling and filling (including liquid, powder and food additives).
The close attention to detail we give our work has resulted in excellent product analyses, which has further established our reputation.

Features of Blending Equipment / Storage Tank


Line-up of blending tanks capable of heating 2KL~25KL

Our line-up of blending tanks capable of heating 2KL~25KL is able to perform functions such as mixing and adjusting liquids, dissolving powder, and more. Additionally, the mixing and adjustment of small quantities can be achieved by using 1KL container and agitator.


Manufacturing and delivery according to requested quantities are possible

We can manufacture and deliver any batch size our customers request. Services include moving and storage using blanding tanks or storage tanks, and filling drums or 18L cans from blending tanks.


Line-up of storage tanks from 20KL ~ 100KL

We have a line-up of storage tanks of 20KL ~ 100KL that are suitable for receiving and delivering with lorries or chemical containers. We deliver to all over the country according to customers’ requested packaging size.

Features of Filling Equipment

After receiving the products from containers or tank lorries using a receiver tank, products are filled into 18L or drum cans using filling machines. To prevent contamination, each container is separate for easy and thorough cleaning.

  • 18L filling equipment

    18L filling equipment
  • Drum filling equipment

    Drum filling equipment
  • Lorry filling station

    Lorry filling station
  • Bottling and filling workplace

    Bottling and filling workplace
  • Bottling and filling work

    Bottling and filling work